“Dr.CURE”  - Digital Non Contact Infra Red Thermometer :- Digital, Non- Contact one second IR Thermometer Tolerance +/- 0.3*C, Forehead measuring time less than 1 Sec., No skin contact, high Temp. Alarm, Large screen display, 32-Group data storage, 3-color backlight for diff. Temp. zone. With batteries. 

Also, you need not to clean, wash, wipe and sterilize this as this is Non-Contact Infrared based technology and has very good performance. I t is Hardy, Handy, Beautiful and most accurate. It gives you reading in a fraction of second.

It is a Thermometer for all the Family and Medical Fraternity.


Mode : Body and Surface ( Ambience )

Settings : Meter Can be calibrated for Accuracy and C/F Units. Press and Hold 'SET' Button for 3 second enter the parameter setting interface .

Coloured LCD for different temperature zone with beep sound for high temperature Alarm.

• Quick: Testing Time less than 1-Second. 

• Efficient and Easy to Use.

• Accurate : +/- 0.3*C with High Temperature Alarm.


• Measuring Range: Body 32*C-42.0*C, (89.6*F-107.6*C)

• Surface Temp.:0*C-110*C(32*F-230*F)

• AUTO Off (Power Saver) 

** Unit Switch , Easily Used, Data Memory, Non-Contact, Big Screen and Long Life. You can measure 10000 shots with a pair of Cell provided with the Unit. Best item for Clinicians and Households.