REMEDY HEALTHCARE PVT. LTD. is a Trading Company established in India with a Vision: " Good Health for All "

Young, first-generation entrepreneurs joined hands to form this Company “REMEDY HEALTHCARE PRIVATE LIMITED.” with a distinct vision to make available World Class Products at affordable Prices to all Medical Fraternity and Patients.

During its first year of operations Remedy Healthcare is engaged in the Distribution and Dealership of wide range of “POCT: Point of Care Testing” Products with Trade Mark Registered Brands of "HAEMOCHECK","HAEMOTEST" Both Haemoglobin Color Scales & "Dr. CURE" branded Mosquito Repellent Bands and Patches , Blood Pressure Monitors & Apparatuses, Glucometer, Digital Haemoglobin Meter, Non Contact Infrared Thermometer, Non Mercury Sphygmomanometer, Pulse Oximeter, Surgical and Diagnostic Product used for checkup at Home, Hospital and Clinics.

"REMEDY" is committed to be one of the largest POCT: Product Trading Company in India and provide customers with reliable and innovative Products, and information that helps run their business. In the 1st year of Operations REMEDY has targeted to Launch very Unique, Innovative & Quality Products at affordable Prices to Doctors, Patients, House Holds, Hospitals, Nursing Homes & Govt. Sector.

MISSION STATEMENT : The punch line of our company will be " Good Health for All"

VISION STATEMENT : The Company is committed to launch latest State of the Art Healthcare Products at very affordable Prices by providing our customers with reliable Healthcare Solutions through global support.

Remedy Healthcare is committed to be one of the largest Trader of Anemia Kits in India with own Brands like "HAEMOCHECK" - Haemoglobin Color Scale, "HAEMOTEST" - Haemoglobin Color Scale . Both these Products are our niche Products. We shall strive to provide customers with reliable and innovative products and services that will help to all Medical Fraternity who will Associates to Medical Arena. We will strive to achieve the highest performance standard within each area of our business, and to be recognized by our customers as the industry leader in Healthcare Products.

Core Values : Ethically treating our employees, customers, and suppliers, and expecting the same in return from them. We value our customers, employees, and suppliers. We are committed to providing only quality Healthcare Products and service to our valued Customers. We value accountability and integrity. We believe in empowering all our employees. When you make a decision, ask yourself . . . Is it good for the customer? Is it in agreement with our core values, is it good for all associated with us?

If the answer is yes, Just do it . . . don't wait!!

VISION for GLOBE TROTTING : Using an international strategy is not for every company, but with the availability of the Internet it is becoming easier to take your business to that next level. Diversification,

Resources and Lower Costs, Economies of Scale are just a few reasons why going globe may be the right choice for our COMPANY. As globalization becomes the norm in today's society, so we should follow GLOBE TROTTING if we want to take our success to the next level.

BUSINESS PROFILE : Basically Trading Company and intend to engage in Manufacturing in due course of time. We will try to establish our manufacturing Unit in Delhi. This facility would be used as a platform for going global and to materialize the REMEDY’s vision to be India’s TOP 100 Healthcare Manufacturing Company within next 5-6 years.

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT FOR BRINGING GOOD HEALTH FOR ALL- BY BUILDING HEALTH, WE BUILD TOMORROW'S INDIA : Develop new business relationships; Opportunity to brain storm with Healthcare users and a firsthand understanding of Healthcare problems; Providing One Stop Healthcare Solutions for all practical problems faced by Clients, which act as a support for further R & D activities; Insight on customers’ needs, which can be converted to product innovations; Creation of new applications for its products; Feedback on new applications and product innovations, leading to further refinement; An additional stream of revenue;

 CURRENT SCENARIO : We have planned to Launch Healthcare Products for Anemia Testing in Camps used for mass screening of Hemoglobin of Pregnant women, adolescent girl child and Population living below poverty line. We have come across lots of enquiries and huge customer base of Dealers and Distributors across World for our business.

In our product line we have very innovative products with wide applications like "HAEMOCHECK",HAEMOTEST" - Haemoglobin Color Scale Test Kit ,"Dr.CURE" Branded :[1] Digital Hemoglobin Meters, [2] Digital Non Contact Infrared Thermometers, [3] B.P.Monitors, [4]Non Mercury Sphygmomanometers [5] Pulse Oximeter etc.

New advanced technological products will be launched for Hospitals, Fitness Industries, Government institutions, Nursing Homes, Clinics, and Household etc. Our Products Segment will be : Surgical & Medical Devices, Machines & Equipments, Apparatus, Electric & Electronic Apparatus for Medical Purpose, Diagnostic Products, Point of Care Testing Products , Laboratory consumables, Surgical Products: Consumables & Disposables like Blood Pressure measuring Apparatus, Clinical Thermometer, Blood Glucose & Hemoglobin, Cholesterol measuring Apparatus, Pulse Oximeter, Oxygen concentrator, Nebulizer, Glucometer, Hemoglobin meter, Electrocardiographs, Body heating Pad, Body Fat Monitors etc. including Corporate gifting Products.

“REMEDY HEALTHCARE ” will persist in its efforts to become a company that provides every customer with happiness and excitement. In order to ensure our work of high efficiency and products of the best quality we have been working for compliance to ISO 9001:2015, WHO/ GMP/ CE/ISO/ WHO Accredited system standards.

Happy life is from health and healthy life is from “REMEDY”. Be our Proud Customer.