Haemoglobin (Hb) is a protein contained in red blood cells which carries oxygen. A low Haemoglobin or “blood count” is known as anaemia.

How the Test is Performed

Haemoglobin test (Hb) can be performed by our Simple device " HAEMOCHECK & HAEMOTEST: Both are "Haemoglobin Color Scales" in three simple Steps: 1) Just prick the finger and obtain one free flowing drop of Blood [Fresh Capillary Blood, 10-12 micro liter only] on smooth side of Strips provided. 2) Wait for 30 seconds to One minute depending upon humidity condition of environment 3) Match the Color of Blood drop from lighter to darker shades of Color Scales provided.

Medical Conditions and Symptoms

Haemoglobin (Hb) may be performed to diagnose or exclude Anaemia (low RBC count) – which causes tiredness, shortness of breath on exertion and possibly postural light-headedness. Low Hb counts are usually found during pregnancies, people living below poverty line, adolescent girl child and people suffering from Malaria or other parasitic conditions. An increased Haemoglobin may be present in those people living on higer altitudes and smokers or those with chronic lung disease, and causes a plethoric or “ruddy” complexion.

Test Results Explained

A LOW Haemoglobin (Hb) is called anaemia, and has a variety of causes, including blood loss, destruction of red blood cells, decreased blood cell formation in the bone marrow, defective production of haemoglobin, pregnant women, malnurished population or chronic illness.

A HIGH Haemoglobin (Hb) is called polycythaemia and may be caused by smoking, chronic lung disease or a blood condition called polycythaemia rubra vera (PRV).

HAEMOCHECK & HAEMOTEST: Both are "Haemoglobin Color Scale" , a simple device used for testing Hemoglobin on spot under field conditions within 30 seconds to One minute where there is no Laboratory, no chemical and no trained technical staffs available. “HAEMOCHECK & HAEMOTEST” : both Haemoglobin Color Scales are used for mass SCREENING of Anaemic Patients in Blood Banks for Blood Donor selection in Camps, ICU/ ICCU/ Emergency ward/ Pediatric, Gynecology & Obstetric wards by Medical Practitioners as well as for Ante-Natal Screening & Malnourishment in Below Poverty Line (BPL) –Population. It is also being used by ANMs and ASHA worker under NRHM Project etc.

These devices can be used by all Medical Practitioners/ Hospitals/ Nursing Homes/ Blood Banks/ Aasha-Workers/ANM/ Baal-Wadi / Aangan-Wadi / Mamta-workers of State Govt./ Primary Health Centers -PHC/Community Health Centers – CHC and Sub-Centers for estimating Hemoglobin by rapid method instantaneously even at village/ community Level.

"HAEMOCHECK & HAEMOTEST"”- Haemoglobin Color Scales” Use of Haemoglobin colour scales for Anaemia Diagnosis where there is no Laboratory:

Heamoglobin Color Scales readings were compared with Other Llaboratory Instruments like Haemometer, Cell Counters, and digital Haemoglobin Meters . Various Laboratory tests and Field Researches showed the Haemoglobin Color Scale to have 97% sensitivity in identifying whether Anaemia was present or not. In addition, when present, the degree of Anaemia was correctly classified in Clinical Terms as Mild, Moderate or, severe by WHO.

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* “HAEMOCHECK & HAEMOTEST ” Both Devices are used for Testing Hemoglobin on spot by Rapid method.

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* No Laboratory, No Chemical and No Trained Technical / Skilled Staffs required to perform the Tests.

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